Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting there!!

I’m a person full of dreams, even if I know I don’t have “what it takes” to get it. I just keep on dreaming because it somehow lifts my spirit. Thinking what I want helps me forget my weaknesses. I sometimes, actually most of the time I’m day dreaming that I’ve already reached my dream, it makes me smile. As Mike Dooley said, “Thoughts become things… choose the good ones.” That’s why I’m thinking of the things I want. I’m not just thinking of it, I’m acting on it!

This is the real deal. I really want to be a reporter, newscaster, news anchor, broadcaster, broadcast journalist- whatever you want to call it I want to be like that. That is why I took AB CommArts, even if I know I am not good in English, that I am timid, that I don’t want to stand before an audience, that I don’t want to mingle in a crowd - all my qualities are not qualities of what I want to be. But still I muster all the guts to be a Communication Arts student and now I’m on my third year and I’m on my internship.

I’m grateful that I was assigned to the Senate. What makes the Editor-in-chief to put me there? (aside from her husband is my handler) I’ve proven nothing yet. Perhaps she sensed that I like politics. Now I’m covering national issues. I’ve attended two hearings regarding the Fertilizer Scam. I’m lucky! I’m lucky because this is my first assignment and I’m covering Senate hearings and not street fights.

Am I getting there? I think I am.

(photo taken after the hearing on the world bank report during my practicum last February 12)


  1. You have the talent, trust always in yourself and most of all trust God.

    Link or follow my other site to boost your self confidence and be a member of the Optimist group.

    Keep up the good work, you have a nice start here.

  2. thanks!! I really need something to boost my confidence and your blogs help me a lot.